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At The Everest Search Group, we understand how difficult it can be to put together a good resume that will help you stand out. Your goal in your job search is to present an impressive resume to show the value you can bring to a new role. It’s no secret that writing a good resume is important to demonstrate your education, work experience and skills. However, it also impresses upon how your qualifications fit into the role that you’re pursuing.

We want to share the Do’s and Don’ts of good resume writing.

Starting off with 3 important Do’s

  1. Action Words
    • Always add action words that best explain the context and depth of your experience. Showcasing the value that you can bring to an organization is important.
  2. Formatting
    • Use bullet points to list your experience rather than formatting in paragraph form. Make each experience read as a statement, not a full sentence.
    • Keep format simple and proofread before submitting.
    • Be concise with your qualifications, include quantitative units where applicable.
  3. Key Words
    • Include key words mentioned in the job description to showcase relevant experience and skills that the hiring managers are specifically looking for.
    • Ensure you are mentioning the skills that make you a qualified candidate
    • Research the company you are submitting your resume to, to gain insight into their goals and expectations.


Following with 3 important Don’ts

  1. Information
    • Avoid using the same resume for every job application, tailor each resume for the role you’re looking at with what the company is looking for.
    • Don’t list ever job you’ve ever had; your resume is not a complete timeline of your work history. It should be a selective overview of your applicable qualifications to the specific job you’re apply for.
    • Avoid using words that focus on your responsibilities instead of your accomplishments, use actional terms like “spearheaded” instead of passive terms like “responsible for”
  2. Formatting
    • Don’t use any hard to read fonts
    • Keep the design simple, the information is what should stand out on your resume
    • Keep it a good length, 1-2 pages
  3. Personal
    • Don’t disclose personal information or salary requirements
    • Don’t list your references on your resume
    • Don’t include a photo of yourself on your resume


All of these tips are important to consider when applying to a new career opportunity or if you are looking to update your resume. It is important for your resume to be an overview of your accomplishments and experiences that can engage a recruiter or hiring manager to see your qualifications for the role their looking to fill.

Another point to make in regards to writing a resume is whether or not you should be using AI. Can AI help you or hurt you when you’re looking for your next career opportunity? The truth is, it could do a little bit of both depending on how you are utilizing the information generated for you. One thing that is easily noticeable in using AI is the lack of human personality, it can often come across as written by a robot and recruiters can catch that. Be sure to delve deeper into the details of your career journey that AI cannot touch. Keeping your resume relevant with current trends is also difficult with AI, there are limitations and it can generate incorrect answers. It is often noticed that AI creates content that can be excessively verbose and in using our tips from earlier, you certainly want to avoid a lengthy resume.

Now that you have a resume put together, you will use it to to land your dream job. The Everest Group has been recruiting within the logistics industry for 30 years, placing mid-senior level executives within all functional areas within the supply chain, including Warehouse/Transportation Operations, Human Resources, Industrial Engineering, Business Development, and Information Technology. We are always working on new opportunities and helping individuals find new careers. Visit our career opportunities page to see what openings we have and apply to any roles you may be interested in.

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