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Why is ghosting happening all of a sudden and why are recruiters doing it? The term ghosting originated when online dating became popular and made it easier to meet new people, but also just as easy to never reach out to them again. This phenomenon made its way into the process of hiring. New technology and the tight job market we are in, has led to recruiters to ghosting. Many people are job searching right now and easily accessible job boards make it so easy to apply and reach out to recruiters and companies. In return recruiters are ghosting, but why?

Why Recruiters Ghost candidates

There are many factors into why recruiters are starting to ghost. Here are some reasons why a recruiter might have ghosted you in the past:

Company no longer hiring

A lot of internal changes can be happening within a company that job seekers may be unaware of. These changes can affect their hiring plans and can mean they have to cancel or postpone the hiring process. Recruiters also might not always have all the details to provide you with regarding your application status.

Company has hired or is in the process of hiring someone else

A recruiter might not get back to you because another candidate has been hired or in the process. If a search is coming to an end and there is a large pool of candidates, it is possible a recruiter might ghost you. The hiring process can also take longer than expected and the recruiter might not have any updates to provide you with.

Your expectations don’t match/Not the right fit for role

Some reasons that can influence a recruiter’s hiring process is that your expectations, like salary, don’t match or you simply might not be a right fit for the company. If you express your expectations and they don’t match the companies, they might think you are under or over qualified and ghost you to not waste your time or theirs. Sometimes you just might not be the best fit for the company, whether that be because you don’t match the skill level, don’t match culturally, etc.

Recruiter is overwhelmed

As mentioned earlier, job boards make it so easily accessible for people to apply to jobs. As a result of that, recruiters could get hundreds of candidates applying to one job post. Due to such a high volume of applicants, recruiters simply might not be able to respond or get back to every applicant.

How to deal with getting ghosted

Getting ghosted is never a good feeling and accepting it and moving on can be challenging. There are some things you can do to improve your chance of not getting ghosted and ways to cope. Here are some tips:

Follow up with recruiter

The first thing to do if you have not heard from your recruiter after a decent amount of time is to send them a polite follow up message. Sending a follow up message shows the recruiter that you care and are interested in the position. The best way you can message them is by asking for any updates on your status in a polite, professional manner, don’t be too pushy or aggressive.

Don’t take it personally

There are so many factors that affect a recruiter’s decision when trying to hire the right candidate, and the majority have nothing to do with your professional qualities. Try not to let a recruiter’s silence impact your self-worth, and try to concentrate on your strengths and accomplishments.

Don’t stop applying for jobs

Don’t let your hopes go down! Stay proactive in your job search and continue to apply to jobs that pique your interest. Try not to place all your hopes on one opportunity, instead explore all other options until you secure an offer. Stay engaged in your networking, researching, and applying for roles that aligned with your expertise, and passion.

At the Everest Group we pride ourselves for always wanting to stay in touch with our candidates! Even if an applicant might not be the right fit for a specific role or the role has already been placed, we prioritize clear and respectful communication throughout the hiring process. Job opportunities come and go and we love to stay in contact and built relationships with our past candidates for any future opportunities!

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