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Navigating your job search is challenging enough, don’t stress on bombing an interview. We have put together a few strategies to be successful in your next interview and hopefully get a job offer.

Research the company job and interviewers

Don’t go into an interview without research!

Prepare yourself by looking into the company and have a good understanding of their history, products/services, and brand. Go to their website or view their company LinkedIn page. By having knowledge of the company that you could be working for shows that you have taken some time to learn about the company and that you are interested in working for them.

You should also research the people you will be interviewing with. Viewing the interviewer’s profile to understand their background. This helps you understand their perspective. Once you gather this information, relate these topics to your background and express how this makes you a great fit for the role. Take the opportunity to research the company’s website and who you’re interviewing with, peek at their LinkedIn to learn about their career path.

Prepare answers to interview questions

Have a few prepared examples of your experience

Interviewers typically use situational based questions in interviews. By asking these questions they are getting to see how their potential employee makes decisions, and alignment with company culture and values. Review the job description prior and have a few examples of your experience, since they will likely base questions around the job requirements. Be sure to have a few questions for the interviewer as well, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. You want to make sure that your values align with their company.

Interview Time

Time to shine!

Arrive early to the meeting. If in person, leave your house early to make sure you arrive a few minutes before. If you are interviewing over video, make sure your tech is working properly and you have a good connection. Make eye contact with who you are interviewing with. Don’t look down or at the ceiling, and when responding make eye contact with the interviewer. Be attentive and actively listen. Don’t try and cut off the interviewer to get your points in, wait until they are done talking. Show enthusiasm in your answers, and be sure to dress appropriately. Be yourself and try and relax if you are feeling nervous.

Follow up

At the end of the interview, ask about the next steps in the process. Again, show enthusiasm is this is an opportunity you would like to pursue. Send a follow up email or a quick note on LinkedIn thanking the interviewer for their time and show your interest level in working for the company.

Here at The Everest Search Group, we are with our candidates every step of the way throughout the interviewing process. From presenting your information to the hiring manager and helping you negotiate the best offer. We strive for partnerships with our candidates just as much as our client, and like hearing about their success in their new role.

Visit our services page where we share what it is like to work with us as a client and a candidate. We want to work with you!

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