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“I have found that by working with The Everest Group, they handle a lot of the details in the process. Also, depending on the specifics of the job they are able to find those unique qualities that hiring managers may be looking for.”

Question: What is your Name/Title/Company you currently work for?

My name is Mark Rabens, and I work for Dependable Supply Chain Services. I am the Vice President of the Harbor and Intermodal Division – I am involved with and in charge of anything that happens going in and out of the port or rail locations.

Question: How did you get into the Logistics/Supply Chain Industry? How has your career progressed since you started?

I was an auto mechanic and had an accident. I knew a friend in the transportation department at Xerox, he got me a job there and I worked there for about 24 years holding various roles in their transportation department. When Xerox started outsourcing all of their activity, I worked for various companies in management positions overseeing different parts of transportation for the next decade. I have been dealing with drayage since 1984, and had taken a VP position with a medical supply company when I got a call from Anthony Duncan, Vice President of National Accounts  saying he had a position I might be interested in. I was very subtle in saying no, but he was persistent. He got me in touch with the Dependable leadership team and I came on board with DHE at the beginning of 2021.

Question: What has been your favorite project you worked on that had the most significant impact at DHE?

My favorite project is two-fold. The ports are changing and effective January 2024 there can’t be any new diesel-powered products into the harbor anymore. Our goal at Dependable was to build enough residual power to get us through the startup of this new vision of clean fuel or clean energy at the ports. We have done that and put ourselves in a position for growth. The most significant part is looking at the broader spectrum of our bidding business Nationwide. We are bidding all over the place and developing partnerships like I did in previous roles with other companies. So, if I have something that needs to move in Virginia, Savannah or Houston for example, we can get that drayed and moved accordingly based on what the customer needs are. Our goal is to get enough business in those areas that we can grow them as a satellite location.

Question:Have you worked with a recruitment agency prior to The Everest Group to find yourself a new opportunity?

I have been approached by employment agencies at previous roles, and used them to put me in touch with those companies, but I wouldn’t say I had a long term partnership with an agency. I have always been in a position where recruiters reach out to me. I have known Dennis Teschler, Vice President of National Accounts  for a long time, and have known many people who have worked with The Everest Group to find their next opportunity.

Question: What surprised you the most/what was different about working with The Everest Group?

When Anthony Duncan approached me about this position with Dependable and we started talking about the role, I appreciated his no nonsense approach. The initial discussion was succinct, and he cut to the chase quickly. We were able to move forward with next steps and he was able to set up a meeting with leadership at Dependable and I accepted the offer.  

Question: Since being at DHE, I know you used The Everest Group to fill some positions. What was that process like seeing it from the other side?

I have found that by working with The Everest Group, they handle a lot of the details in the process. Also, depending on the specifics of the job they are able to find those unique qualities that hiring managers may be looking for. With one of the recent hires, we were looking for a certain set of skills. The Everest Group provided ample resumes and worked with me to find that person with that specific skill set. I was surprised how easy they made it seem. I am confident in reaching out to Anthony if I need to hire again in the future.

Question: What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to do anything that I can do with my family. I’ve got adult kids, and I like seeing them as often as possible. I like local travel. I used to enjoy more extended travel, but with the world as it is now, local is a safer bet. My wife and I spend as much time together as we can. We just recently returned from Napa. Overall, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. As your relatives get older you realize how important it is to spend quality time with them.




Interview by Haley Crummett 

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