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If you follow our company LinkedIn page (if you don’t you should –> The Everest Group) we post weekly polls, some being fun and lighthearted, others being industry related asking our following for market insights into the industry.

Once a month we will share those results here in our newsletter. Our goal with these market insights is to share what our following thinks about various topics from  if they have trouble retaining talent or what mode of transportation their company relies on.

Below are highlights from the past two months, and be sure to like our company page to get these polls on your LinkedIn news feed to make sure you get your opinion out there!

We asked 

 What is the most common issue that people have while interviewing?

A. Being unprepared

B. Being too nervous

C. Not asking good questions

D. Other (comment below)

We asked 

How is your company using AI?

A)Picking and Packing

B) Inventory Management

C) Forecasting

D) Consumer Behavior Tracking

We asked 


Are you concerned with AI taking your job at some point?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Haven’t Thought About It

D) Other (Comment Below)

As supply chain recruiting experts, we look forward to sharing more market knowledge with our network

If you have a poll idea and want to share it with us – fill out our contact form and hopefully you can vote in the poll in the future.

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