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“In a stressful time for many people, The Everest Group made it so easy for me not to be stressed and to focus on the future and trust that you guys were going to get me where I needed to be, and you guys did just that.”

Question: What is your Name/Title/ Company you currently work for?

My name is Jeremy Remington, and I am the Director of Operations for a company called Expak Logistics.

Question: How did you get into the Logistics/Supply Chain Industry? How has your career progressed since you started?

The best way to put it is the right place, right time. I am a warehouse guy. I started as a warehouse associate, filling orders at my previous company. We were growing and didn’t have a defined shipping and receiving dept. The owner took me to dinner and said I need you to help me. I think you are the only guy who can do it. I told him I had never shipped or received anything, and he said we would figure it out.

I was thrown to the wolves and had to figure everything out as we went. After a couple of years, I got the system and the science down and started falling in love with logistics and supply chain. I started taking classes, obtaining certifications, and eventually promoted to warehouse operations. The company ended up creating an entire logistics department run solely by me. I started working with international and domestic shipments, handling everything from components overseas with our manufacturers, getting them to our warehouse, and getting finished products to the customer.

Question: What has been your favorite project you worked on that had the most significant impact at Expak? 

I have two favorite projects. We do retail pool distribution for a major retailer and had two new terminals we needed to set up in different parts of the country. Being able to watch the onboarding process, going out to the terminal, and having complete control of how the products are received and stored in the warehouse, using the scanning technology, and how the products should be delivered to the retailer. I loved that. Watching something from start to finish and being successful from day one was awesome.

We had one of our warehouse accounts – they needed help getting products from Middle America to the East Coast. We were able to get them a great partner we used, and I was able to go out there on day one to actually help them with all the inventory and started working with the team, picking orders, building pallets, showing them how we want it wrapped and labeled, and set up to go out of a warehouse. It took me back to my roots of being on the warehouse floor, but it also showed the vendor partners that they weren’t alone. I am here with them and won’t ask them to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. The impact it had on Expak was that we could show and prove that we are consistent and reliable and take pride in what we do. We put boots on the ground to show them that we are operating how you hired us to run it, and watching it go smoothly, having the customers be happy with us, and offering us more business is probably my favorite project and most significant impact at Expak.

Question: What is one interesting thing that people may not know about your career?

That I did not go to school for supply chain, logistics, or operations. I went to college for music business and knew nothing about the industry. I basically used my previous company as my school to learn. I got my Lean Six Sigma White Belt, operations management, and other certifications related to the industry.

Question: Have you worked with a recruitment agency before The Everest Group?

I had not worked with another recruiting firm. The Everest Group was the first agency I worked with to find me the right home. I had experience working with staffing and temp agencies at my previous job, but never with a search firm to find myself a job.

Question: What surprised you the most/what was different about working with The Everest Group?

I had other firms in the past reach out and try to work with me, but it really came down to The Everest Group’s approach and how you all communicated. Never once did I feel like just a number or just an application sitting on your desk. I felt like I had a team behind me working with me and trying to get me across the finish line and find me the right home. I had worked with Kyle from the firm on two previous opportunities before this one came up with Expak. There was empathy and support from the team. It was a great experience and an easy process. In a stressful time for many people, The Everest Group made it so easy for me not to be stressed and to focus on the future and trust that you guys were going to get me where I needed to be, and you guys did just that.

Question: What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to do many things. My wife says I am a very interesting man. I play guitar in a heavy metal band called Living Cursed. I also have a funky pop emo dance band called Heavy Love. I write and produce music on the side and have featured it in several major network TV shows. I also compete in mustache competitions – last month, I won best styled mustache in Los Angeles, CA, and next month I will compete for best handlebar mustache in the US.




interview by Haley Crummett

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