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By Megan Aguilar

Recruiters typically handle numerous job openings and utilize a range of strategies like candidate databases, advertising, networking, and LinkedIn to fill positions. These recruiters are generally more accessible and open to engagement, aiming to expand their talent pool and welcome candidates to remain on their radar until suitable opportunities arise. On the other hand, executive search specialists are more selective and focused. They prioritize quality over quantity, employing market research and networking to identify candidates rather than waiting for candidates to approach them. Catching the attention of these specialists should be your goal. Here are some tips on ways to be found by an executive search firm:


Update Resume

Always be sure to keep your resume updated and attached to any online job board you have a profile with. The job market is very competitive and it is essential to update your resume based off of specific roles you are interested in. Add specific, detailed skills and qualifications you have inquired through past roles so recruiters know you have what it takes to succeed.



One of the best ways to be found by an executive search firm and by other companies is to constantly be networking. The more people you make meaningful connections with that are within your industry, the more likely you will discover new opportunities. Studies show that 85% of jobs are filled through referrals from personal contacts. Be sure to join online communities, attending professional events, utilize alumni networks and attend industry events.


Update and Be Active on Online Profiles

With such a tough job market it is important to keep your online profiles, like LinkedIn, updated. Over 66% of employers use LinkedIn and other social media to research candidates, having your profile updated puts you one step ahead. To make sure you stand out, it is important to add your skills and experiences within your profile so recruiters can determine you level of qualification.


Keep Up on Industry News

It is essential to keep up on industry news to succeed in your job search. Research shows that 87% of employers consider candidates who keep up on industry news because it enables you to stay informed about current employment opportunities and gain a competitive advantage over other candidates. By always staying informed, you equip yourself with the knowledge and insights needed to distinguish yourself from other applicants, ultimately enhancing your chances of new employment opportunities.

Connect with Relevant Companies and Recruiting Agencies

Social media makes it very easy to stay up to date with latest industry trends and to search for job opportunities. In recent statistics, 79% of businesses use social media to assist with their recruitment process. Recruitment agencies do the same, by connecting with and keeping up with recruitment agencies you can be informed of new roles that match your skills.


To be found by an executive search firm like The Everest Group it is important to follow these helpful tips. Staying on top of industry news, making sure resumes/profiles are updated, and networking are a great start to landing your dream job.


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